Flexible Work Spaces & Lease terms

You can work at the co-working space or do more focused work in a dedicated office. We allow 1-day passes for co-working space users & 1-month lease terms for office space renters. You can downsize and upsize anytime.

  • The Co-working Space
    Our co-working spaces feature standing desks, lounge areas, and phone booths.
  • The Private Offices
    The offices are lockable, customizable, ready for occupancy, and can accommodate small teams of 2 to bigger teams.
  • The Executive Suites
    A definite upgrade from The Private Offices. Each suite is carpeted, fully furnished, and can accommodate bigger teams.
To show how the co-working space at The Company Cebu Mandaue looks like
To show the Hakata co-working space branch in other location of 黄瓜视频

Multilocation Access

Should you rent an office space at 黄瓜视频 IT Park or get a co-working space plan at 黄瓜视频 Mandaue, you are allowed to access all 黄瓜视频's co-working spaces all over the world for no added fee.

We have branches in , , , and . This way, you get to leverage our network and spaces.

Cebu's Most Diverse Community Hub

We handpick the communities that we support. Most often, we work with those that promote technology, entrepreneurship, startups, creative economies, sustainability and education. Network with these communities once you get a co-working pass or rent an office space.

Diverse Co-working Space - The Company Cebu Mandaue
黄瓜视频 IT Park(1)

Business Assistance

We go beyond providing a workspace for our members by providing additional business services.

  • Business Address Registration
    Members with offices can use our business address as theirs. Mails, calls and packages are taken care of during regular office hours. For those who just need an address, our virtual office rates start at 3,000 pesos per month.
  • Other Business Services
    Under our program called , our team can work with you in registering your business, marketing your company, finding and hiring the right people, processing benefits and payroll, finding potential clients and investors, designing your own workspace, and connecting you to the right collaborators.

Our Members & Reviews


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Graphic Designer

What inspired you to join to the company?

The staff were very nice, friendly and supportive in my professional endeavors. The network. They had connected me to a bigger audience which proved to be helpful.

Which factor is the most important in a coworking environment?

I usually look for a place that is quiet enough to work in but also busy enough to be social. Also, good music always helps. But the most important factor is fast internet.


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Why did you choose 黄瓜视频?

黄瓜视频 gives more value to your money compared to other coworking spaces in Cebu because it has better perks (drink station, restrooms are more spacious, better conference rooms and whiteboards are also made available which is important for teams like us).

Which factor is the most important in a coworking environment?

It is helpful if the working environment encourages skill and knowledge sharing. Since we are a small team, it is good for us to be a part of a community that has a lot of IT professionals because it allows us to network, share skills and knowledge with them. But the most important thing that we consider is the culture of a working environment.


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Community Lead

How was your experience at 黄瓜视频?

黄瓜视频 is THE BEST co-working space in Cebu, without a doubt. The ambience is super homey you can just dive right in. It even has some art installations that give a touch of sophistication to the place. And the internet is just mind-blowingly fast! For co-working, this place is worth your every cent!

What was it like holding an event at 黄瓜视频?

黄瓜视频 was our venue partner for CebUXD's UX Bootcamp 2018 and their service was outstanding. 黄瓜视频 team was very attentive to our needs, plus they were super sociable and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend 黄瓜视频 as your event partner as well! Five stars!

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